What is ERP system?

Enterprise resource planning(ERP) is business management software usually a suite of integrated applications-that a company can use to collect, store, manage and intercept data from many business activities, including:

• Product planning, cost
• Manufacturing or service delivery
• Marketing and sales
• Inventory management
• Shipping and payment

Basic Module
Advanced Module
Selective Module

Financial Module

Financial Module ERP Financial module is tight integrated with all departments’ functionally and generates valuable financial reports such as profitability report, Cost Center Analysis report, Management Information Report. The financial module ERP provides financial functionality and analysis report for different and cost centers.

Sales and distribution Module

See your customer order Management getting easier day with the help of our sales module. The sales module implements functions of order placement, order scheduling, transportation and invoicing. We provide your right solution and efficient flow of information. Add new customers on fly and see them getting instantly affected to Finance.

Manufacturing Module

Manufacturing module provides a collaborative environment for performing manufacturing tasks. It contains the necessary business rules to manage the entire supply chain process whether within a facilities, mainly, Bill of Material, Engineering change note, shop Floor control, Sales and Distribution plan, Master Production Schedule, and many more.

Supplier and Purchase Order Management

Purchase Module streamline procurement of required raw materials, packaging materials, sub Assembly and other non-inventory materials. The procurement plan is derived from the material requirement planning or a direct PO can also be indented. The purchase a module is well integrated with the production planning and Inventory control Modules and also the supply chain process.

Plant/ Factory Maintenance Module

Plant Maintenance Module in resource ERP provides with technical and business reports for different work area within the plant, location, Organization unit, Machines and downtime analysis for each different categories or machines. Preventive Maintenance Schedule and record can be captured. Tracking of components, Spare part replacements, Maintenance warranty claim tracking are easy available to view at one single screen